Mold Inspection Services

If you are concerned about mold, or suspect there is mold in your house, we will inspect the property and recommend several mold remediation options based on our knowledge and experience. Our mold detection services include techniques such as air sampling, bio tape lifts, in wall inspections, and thorough visual inspections. It is important to note that all environments, outdoor as well as indoor, are populated with mold and mold spores. But left unchecked, indoor mold can grow into a serious health issue in your home.

Visual Mold Inspections

We have extensive experience with home construction and home inspection and we know where to look for mold problems. Often a non-invasive mold inspection is all that is needed to identify the severity of the mold problem and suggest a course of action to remove the threat from your home, as well as preventing serious mold problems from re-occurring.

Bio Tape Lifts

This type of testing is used to identify the type of mold and whether it is actively growing or not in a specific location. Bio tape lifts can be used for before/after documentation of mold remediation as well. Using this method we come to your home and take samples, and following chain of custody protocols, send the samples to a certified mold testing lab. When the results are returned, you are given a complete report and a suggested course of action.

In-wall Mold Inspections

This inspection can only be done to a house that you own or with the consent of the owner of the property. After determining a high probability of a mold condition. the area around the wall is masked off and core samples removed for visual inspection and testing as needed.